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New Product Release-Mechnical Thermostats HT-03&HT-68

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Author : Leo Lee
Update time : 2023-08-18 13:29:11
In August 2023 we've just released two new thermostats- mechical dial thermostats without screen. These thermostats are simply easy for the eldly people and those who persuit the minimalism, the users do not have to any interface with buttons or screen, simply friendly for the partially sighted people.The HT-68 thermostats can do both heating and cooling function.

This's a Simple Dial Thermostat for the room temperature control. It's equipped with a sentitive dial with 5~35℃ range control. When the dial is rotated to the left, it will close the heating and maintain the room temperature with frost protection function enabled.

This simple mechanical dial thermostat is used in heating only systems to maintain the set room temperature. If the room temperature falls below the set setpoint, the heating contact will open. If the room temperature exceeds the set setpoint, the heating stops.