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New Product Release - R08 Pilot Wire Module Controller for Electric Radiator

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Author : Leo Lee
Update time : 2024-01-09 14:16:00
R08 is a smart Pilot Wire thermostat module which is specially designed for the electric radiators.  
The product allows 5 terminal interfaces to communicate with the heater via the FP cable. 

The R08 pilot wire thermostat is compatible with electric heating systems and can also be custmized for the underfloor heating systems controlled by pilot wire. It's integrated with 2.4Ghz WiFi control which enables 7 days program schedule, timer, frost protection, open window detect by the Smart App. 
By bringing a central control thermostat hub,  it's enable to do the central management to each radiator heater.

The product allows  a new or existing heating installation, of a centralized device ensuring programming and differentiated regulation of the interior temperature (at least four stages depending on needs:  comfort, economy, frost protection and OFF) according to standards EN 12098-1 and EN 12098-3.

According to the reference BAR-TH-117, BAR-TH-118 and BAR-TH 158, the R08 is well fit of the replacement instalation for the standard EN ISO 52120-1 for residential buildings.