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The lab is one of our most important assets which enables our quality control of incoming materials and abudant validation tests for the NRE projects. Depending on items (to be test) there're EMC,safety,envrionment,longivity, phisical tests to assure the products are fully validated and inspected before thermostats are distributed to the consumers side.

Material &Electronic Performance 
Magnify Lens     
Usage:material quality inspection 
 Magnification class:100 times  


Drain Current Tester
Usage:material inspection
Capacitor drain current inspection

Digital Bridge
Usage:material inspection
resistor,inductance,capacitor parameter test

Hipot Tester
Usage:test electric strength of material and products

Programmer Electric Loader Tester
Provide constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage, constant power, constant current + constant voltage, constant resistance + constant voltage, and other load modes

Power Meter
Testing voltage, current, frequency, active power,Power factor and other electrical parameters
Electro Magnetic Compatibility
Group Pulse Generator
Usage:EMC test,validate the EMC performance
Simulation ofhe high-frequency pulse group generated during the switching process of the inductive loa

ESD Generator
Usage:EMC test,validate the EMC performance
Simulate the ESD discharge process and evaluate the product suffering from electrostatic discharge performance

Constant Temperature&Humidity Test Chamber
Testing products\materials used in various environments, adaptability of storage and transportation
Salt Spray Tester
Test the material&product ability resistance of salt spray corrosion

Radio Testing

Radio 433/868Mhz
WiFi 2.4Ghz b/g/n
Zigbee 2.4Ghz

RF Shiled Room Cage
Create a clean test environment for radio frequency testing to prevent the product under test from being interfered by external electromagnetic waves, and at the same time to prevent the product under test from interfering with the production line or other equipment.
Specturm Analyser
Studying the spectrum structure of electrical signals, used to measure the relationship between RF signal amplitude and frequency
Network Analyser
parameters of active or passive, reversible or irreversible dual-port and single-port networks, and give the amplitude, phase and frequency characteristics of each scattering parameter in a frequency sweep mode.