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                                                                                                                   We're introducing Tools from Automation Standard IATF16949

According to the current design of new products, the structural design, hardware design,
software design, andpotential  risks that mayoccur in the production process are considered in
advance, and corresponding measuresare taken to reduce the risk,which caneffectively improve
the problems that have occurred in the past. Prevent
possible problems.

Similar to APQP, we will make a full testing plan for new product verification, including EMC,
EMI, LVD, wirelesscommunication, technicaldatas, and package drop and vibration test.

Refers to providing samples and necessary information, such as PTAP, control plan, flow chart, to
clients for recognition and approval beforemass production of products to determine whether the
specifications have been correctly understood.
  Supply Chain Management

This's one of the most important composition of what we've been doing, E-Top
has 200 qualified suppliers for thermostat manufacturing material and components.

We're doing the yearly audit, site visit, incoming material report to rate different
suppliers every year and select the best one to make sure we have the best 
presentation of material quality.

This save much time for RD stuffs when they are selecting reliable brand and
R&D Validation

Before the product is officially released, the R&D department will verify the reliability
and stability ofthe product in terms of software, hardware, structure, packaging,
certification, etc., with more than 200 test items.

Software: Control logic, Function, Communication, Input & Output detection, Sleep,
Interaction,Storage, Clock, APP, etc.
Hardware: Voltage,Power;  Output,Load,High and Low temperature, Salt spray, Surge,
Radiation,Conduction,Insulation,EFT,Electric strength etc.
Structure: Tensile Test, Bending Test,Screw Torsion Test etc.
Packaging: Vibration Test,Stacking Pressure, Drop Test, Slope Impact, etc.
Certification: CE(LVD& EMC), RED, ROSH etc.