Professional Thermostat OEM&ODM Manufacturer - Smart Home Climate Solution

Q: What's your SW/FW development  method?
We're more likely inclined to more rapid/frequent communication regarding every detailed functionality.  To make sure there're not some mis-understand happening of the document and work in a high efficiency way.

Q:How does the Engineering Change Order Process work?
An immediate response shall be taken for the ECOs.  Normally it will take below steps to work out ECO 
Description of changes
Reasons for the requested changes
List of all documents affected by the changes
Approval of changes
Instructions on when to introduce the changes
Cut-in dates
Test of updated HW/SW part
Official release of HW/SW version

Q:How do you inform your customers when a product is being revised?
1)Describe causes (bugs/optimization) leads to the neccesary ECO. 
2)Release the ECO order

Q: What are resources committed to project(s)
For normal project would require 9 persons . (project manager/sw engineer/hw enginner/test engineer/R&D manager/indutrial design/structure engineer/graphic desisner/CTO)

Q:Who is your main contact window during development phase?
Project manager (as well sales engineer)

Q:Could you decribe your FW dev process (Agile/sprints)
Requirement doc confirmation-teams review-flow chart-coding-testing-customer review-release

Q:What's your  customization capability/experience
Started from 2010 and have done cases from EMEA,EUROPE,ASIA,CA

Q:Do you create and share  test plans and reports?

Q:How do you select chipset and based on what criteria?  
Choose the best one concerning the overall comparance of cost/brand/supply ability&stability/delivery time/project requirement)

Q:Could you describe your customization capability/experience?  
We have more than 10 years thermostat ODM experience and are cooperating with major players in the market like Danfoss, GE, OVENTROP..

Q:How do you assure the Routing Accuracy 
BOM is locked in the ERP after R&D's verification and approval.  Once is locked, there's nobody can change unless there's the temporary change order or ECOs.  Material sourcing are made 3 steps veirifcation:procurement-procurement manager- vice president to secure material accuracy

Q:Number of concurrent projects and teams
Approx 15, depending on project difficuties 5-10 members are participating for each project

Q:How do you do “Product Validation” in Alpha process?
1)Define a problem -- what are we trying to create/solve by the project? It's important whether the idea is worth for us to walk out the step
2)Market evaluation -- to make sure there're enough market potential for start-up
3)Investigate the competition -- especially important to know what the competitors have, what're the new points we can obsent to the market 
4)General map --shall have an overall view/idea of what product that we're going to design&make
5)Know the reality-- based on the actual NRE ability, select functions that we're capable of and those impossible points

Q:How much access can we have in your internal system? (BOM, Tech spec, schematics, etc.)
Tech spec&schematic could be opened to customer,  BOM has no access to the customer

Q:How do you maintain a project after mass-production?
Normally after NRE period, the site feedback (consumpers feedback) are the main method to keep the project alive. ECOs are probably needed after some market feedback.

Q:From code complete, how long does it take to test and release new software?
Depending on the SW ,testing may take 1 week to 3 weeks, and to release software.

Q:What is your method in version control (PCN process)?  
Similar to the SW version, project serial +big version+sub version. For small update that is not changin the much of the schematic, require only upgrading on the sub version, the initial version starts from V1.1

Q:What type of reliability analysis do you perform (MTBF, MTTF, thermal imaging/probing)?
Environemtal test/aging/electronic performance/climate imitation and so on..