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New Product Launch - The 7" and 10" Smart Screen For Heat Pump System Management

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Author : Leo Lee
Update time : 2024-06-06 11:02:21
Meet the perfect solutioni for your heat pump, we have recently released two large screen thermostat which are specially used for heat pump or complex HVAC system management.

The 7"/10" Heat Pump Thermostat HT-CS04

The heat pump thermostat allows two Modbus port to connect to the heat pump board and get whole registers for reading and writing.  It will show the real-time status of the heat pump , also receiving the alarms and report to the customer's cloud. We're welcome to use the customized communication hardware (WiFi, Zigbee, KNX..) to the customer's end point. Neverthe the less,  the 7inch/ 10 inch thermostat can be used a central hub which could manage the underfloor heating and fan coil ,  radiators valve (via radio or Zigbee) . 

The Wired solution for the UHF + fan coil heating

The wireless solution for the UHF + fan coil heating

The both systems can support up to 16 zones/ room's heating and cooling control.The system can reaches up to 1km for the wired system and 100 meters for the wireless installation.The graphic can be customized based on the user's preference.

For more details please drop us an email.