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New Product Release-E3 IR Mini Split Remote Controller

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Author : Leo
Update time : 2021-08-20 15:12:00
The E-TOP E3 is a Thermostat-like Wi-Fi Mini Split Ductless Controller that helps with user's smart control for their AC system.With the large LCD display, users are easily getting running status of the AC, ambient temperature, humidity and then interact by simply touching the buttons. Compared to any IR box,The E60 allow you  fully control your air conditioners even without an Internet access.

However E3 does not lose the flexibility and support both wall and desk installation by USB or 24V power input.  With the Tuya Smart App, customers can set mode, temperature, fan speed and adding features like scheduling ,geofencing, filter alert, comfort control range, checking energy stastatic and manage multi-zones control.