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The Impact of Covid-19 to E-Top Manufacturing

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Author : Leo Lee
Update time : 2022-06-07 11:18:40
The Impact of Covid-19 to E-Top Manufacturing
COVID-19 has obviously profound impact on the Chinese manufacturing since its explosion since January 2020. Measures to reduce the spreads include social distancing, commercial trading restrictions, stay-at-home working, supply chain suspend, traffic controls which have had varying impacts on the business activities.

The most Noticable impacts were driven by three COVID-19 varaiants:  the L-strain and Deltra strain , and the outbreak of Omicron varaint in the March quater 2022.
The arrival of L-strain COVID-19 in 2020 has started to impact E-Top production as we're facing the various lockdowns across all provinces and cities. The staffs were only permitted leaving home for essential reasons and mandatory mask wearing was forced.
This has led to a first shortage of production capacity especially in the March of 2020, timing Chinese are back from the CNY holiday and production recovering.
Situations are getting better controlled after Chinese local gov. has pay various efforts on the spread control. When the Delta started launching in local, all of our staffs are having vaccined and this has enabled our normal production and capacity.  However, we have met with a second challenge due to the shortage of global IC capacities.  
As most of our thermostats are using the well-known MCU e.g. ST Micro,Texas Instrument, Power Integrations, NXP , we have been temporarily facing a supply chain issue due to a sudden explosion of order quantity. Although we have predict advance the IC shortage and prepare certain stocking, the orders has used out our stocking in a few months. To prevent a supply issue, we have started to look at the IC replacement by domestic brands e.g. HUADA,TMI,3PEAK,Silicontent for some products. Abundant lab tests and verification are carried out to prove the replacement.
The Omicon variant was outbreak in China in March 2022. Despite the increasing rate of infection, the local gov. did not introduce new lock down restrictions expect there's a sudden heavily increasing like April 2022 in Shanghai. Travel and trading restrictions are gradually eased nowadays since the main target is to have stable economic growth due to the inflation and COVID impact since 2020.
We're confident to share that everything in E-Top is already running stably and prosperously. The replaced IC and components are already sold to the market and well proved of the performance, capacity reaches highest peak during the last 10 year.
We always stand and fight together with the global challenges and environment changes.
You're very welcome to stay with us together to develop and contribute to growth of HVAC industry and build more comfort and energy saving to people's life.