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Mechanical VS Analog Thermostats

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Author : Leo Lee
Update time : 2023-08-18 16:50:35
When it comes to controlling the temperature in our homes or businesses, thermostats play an important role. Mechanical and analog thermostats are two of the most common types available today.
220V mechanical room thermostats use a simple mechanical system to regulate the temperature. It employs a metal coil that expands or contracts based on changes in temperature, which causes the thermostat to turn on or off. Mechanical thermostat controller switch lacks advanced features and require constant manual adjustment, making them less efficient and convenient. They are best suited for basic furnace or AC systems or water floor heating system where precise temperature control is not required.

 However, analog heating cooling room thermostats utilize electronic components to measure temperature changes and make adjustments accordingly. They provide more precise temperature control than mechanical thermostats. They can be used with various heating systems, including radiant floor heating, traditional boilers, or forced air systems. Preceise temperature control feature helps reduce utility bills and conserve energy.
There are several types of analog thermostats:
  1. Basic Non-programmable 220V analogue room thermostat as HT-68
  2. Highly Precise programmable smart thermostat as HT-22
In fact, both mechanical and analog thermostats serve the same purpose, but analog thermostats offer more precise temperature control and advanced features. For those looking for a highly programmable and efficient thermostat, an analog thermostat like a smart wifi  thermostat is the way to go.
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